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Advantages of selling online:

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) has revolutionized the world of retail, opening new channels and opportunities for retailers of all sizes. In the past, opportunities for many small to medium businesses ended at the borders of their own cities, and international trade was only for large multinational corporations. Today, the Internet provides opportunities for companies of all sizes.

Obviously the characteristics of this network and its associated technologies has led to the mass of e-commerce, especially that associated with the final consumer (Business-to-Consumer, or BtoC), the multimedia capabilities of the technologies associated with Internet and ease of use of them, allows many businesses to take their offering to millions of potential customers who can browse, search and select the services or products they wish to purchase from thousands of sites that are selling today.

Electronic commerce is a useful resource to enhance or supplement the traditional retail channels that allows a company to place the "business" in a prominent place in the market, cast locally, nationally and internationally, optimize operations, conduct online sales and provide better customer service.

Did you know that local businesses are shifting more and more marketing dollars from offline to online, and that by 2014, local online ad spending is expected to grow from $15 billion to about $35 billion as local businesses realize the power of the Internet to reach new customers?

Among the main advantages of selling online are:

1. Eliminate intermediaries: Your company can eliminate middlemen and sell directly to the public. This reduces costs for both the seller and the buyer and allows production companies that generally could not, have direct access to end customers for their products or services.

2. 24/365 Availability: Customers can view information and place orders at any time of day, 365 days a year. More and more customers use the internet as a mean of making business. The number of Internet users is growing at an impressive rate (currently the number of Internet users worldwide reached almost 1.000 million people). This means that your potential customers could increase at the same pace as the Internet growth.

3. Selling into new markets: Internet pages can be visited from anywhere in the world, there may be potential customers in other countries, or in the same country but in other cities or even small villages that have no local access to the products you sell. With the internet your market is not limited to a city, region or country, your market is the all the world in fact. Internet gives us the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers located in different parts of the world who will be happy to be able to purchase products without having to travel.

4. Lower cost of sale: The costs involved selling online are minimal, you bsically need to have a home computer, an Internet connection and a web site where you can sell your products, and even in some cases you can sell without having your own website. You do not need many employees to make the sales process and only a few orders for processing.

On the other hand, by not having to have a room, selling online we can save on costs of hiring local personnel, facilities, etc. Moreover, the promotion and advertising we can do on the Internet, which is much less expensive to make promotion or advertising in traditional media.

5. Lower costs of promotion: Reduce costs in the promotion and implementation of their products, an online store gives you access to a new complementary sales channel to a relatively low cost.

6. Comfort: Internet shopping is for the buyer a better choice, since it lets im have a comparison between companies and lets him go from one place to another instantly. For example, the fact of not having to wait in line at a supermarket or mall is very practical. Even for your existing customers, the power to buy your items from the comfort of their respective home or office and receive the items without having to travel anywhere is a very nice surprise, particularly now that it s very easy to pay from a credit card or by wire transfers.

7. Advertising: Any website works as permanent listing of your company, updatable whenever you want. In addition, each time someone searches the items you sell in any directory or search engine, is very possible that he finds you. By offering interactive services and online sales as opposed to just static pages, the company projected an image of cutting edge technology and service.

8. Information: An online trading site usually provides detailed and updated information of each of the products offered, including pricing, specifications, descriptions, photos, etc.. Which is more convenient, more useful and more attractive to customers than a print catalog.

9. Competitive advantage: More and more people shopping online, there are indeed people who only look for products online compared to several companies and if one is not as if the Internet is simply not there.

10. The Future: Online sales are a reality and are valued at billions of dollars, but certainly in the coming years will increase at an even faster rate, and one must be ready and prepared for it, to know that the future is in your favor, and not against you.

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