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Online shopping is now a reality for many people, and as the access to this medium continues to grow and we continue professionalizing ourselves, electronic commerce will continue to penetrate even further. Internet has changed many things in our lives, one of them is the way we shop, as it has many advantages over the traditional way of doing business, the main ones are:

1. Stores open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Internet offers the possibility of reviewing offers without having to adapt to a certain schedule of time as in the traditional store, "Service Hours: 9:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00 hrs”. Not anymore, that's something from the past. Internet allows us to buy any day at any time without limits.

Consumers buy when they really want, no rush, no lines and no other bothers. In a society like today, where everything is based on time, to have the possibility to buy when we want or we can do it, without having to depend on the hours a store is a great advantage.

2. Saving time and travel. Ver similar to the previous point, shopping online offers the advantage of not having to move from your home or office to make a purchase, allowing better use of your time for other activities, especially if you live in big cities where the distances and traffic make it virtually impossible to think of moving from side to another to get what you need.

Buying online means significant time savings, since the distance between the various competitors is just a “click” away and to “travel" from one store to another takes you only seconds, so there´s no real waste of time.

3. Access to a wider variety of items. Before having the opportunity to shop online, we were limited to items that local stores or suppliers offered us, even those with the ability to order products from abroad, were limited to the offer that their relatives or friends would find when traveling.

In addition to allowing us to find a wider variety of items, the Internet gives us access to offers that may be outside the area we live in, state or even outside our country, greatly increasing the chance of finding items according to our interests without having to wait for a local store to update or decide when to sell something new. Internet allows us to locate different stores around the world that offer the same product or service and compare prices and value added services before purchase.

4. Access to more availability and immediate delivery: Your usual supplier does not stock what you're looking for? You no longer have to wait until he gets it, it is very possible that someone else does have the products for immediate delivery. With Internet, you can easily see that other vendors products that require handling and using them, they can be sent to ask, especially when dealing with some urgency.

5. Lower prices than in the traditional market. While not a rule, online prices usually tend to be lower as there is more competition, and since companies do not depend anymore on their location to be competitive, they may have significant savings by not having to pay exorbitant rents as it would happen if you they wanted or needed to open a store in a mall or on a main avenue.

Along with the savings in time that the Internet provides, it also gives us the possibility to compare prices or go to various sites offering the same item to compare their characteristics, prices and shipping costs and power and with all that information, make a buy more informed and therefore more assertive.

6. Safer: Usually buying the traditional way involves cash payments, a situation that puts you at risk of assault. Similarly, by not having to physically go to a store, you may avoid other risks involved in being on the street: car accidents, robberies, etc.

7. Democratic means. One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is that all of the above apply to all persons, regardless of their place of residence or origin. No matter if you live in a rural or urban area in Mexico or China, we all have the ability to leverage this medium under the same conditions.



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