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The CUSTOMER understands that the sole purpose of our service is to provide him, through a new technology platform, an easier and quicker way to get several proposals for each product he needs, so that he may well have enough information to make the best decision with the least effort possible.

The CUSTOMER is equally aware that our company does not take sides or preference for any of the participating suppliers in each listing, so the final decision taken regarding where to purchase the merchandise, will be taken on his own and therefore all responsibility for that decision will rest fully in himself. is therefore a simple connection and / or commercial intermediary between customers and many potential suppliers and therefore can not guarantee or take responsibility for the service or merchandise provided by the suppliers contacted in each transaction.

The CUSTOMER also understands that for every product or item requested, he will receive one or more proposals from different suppliers, from which he can select the options that he considers most appropriate to meet his needs.

Whichever option the customer chooses, it is perfectly clear and understood that, will be purely a commercial intermediary between the parties involved in each transaction (customers and suppliers), and will never sell any item directly. Therfore, any claim, return or disagreement with the goods received will be handled directly with the supplier.

The CUSTOMER also understands that, even when it is the policy of NOT to deal with suppliers who may sell merchandise of questionable origin, illegal or counterfeit, it is impossible for the company to have total control over the origin of everything that is sold through this site, or to monitor the business practices of each participating supplier. This implicates that if you receive goods in these circumstances, the responsibility for this will fall entirely on the supplier who has provided so, and in case of having to initiate any lawsuit or legal proceeding, it will have to be only against the supplier involved and never against or its directors, partners, employees or representatives.

The CUSTOMER understands that the maximum period available to select the best proposals and/or to place any purchase order will be 15 days, after which suppliers shall have no obligation to respect the prices offered and therefore he would need to submit a new RFQ.

The CUSTOMER also understands that all information received by the participating suppliers is strictly confidential and undertakes to treat it as such. It also means that each supplier with the knowledge that will be competing with several other domestic and foreign suppliers, offering the best price available, so that each proposal received is final, therefore there will be no chance to negotiate or bargain any of the proposals received. Even worse, use that information to innappropriately attempt to obtain better discounts with other suppliers by showing such information to third parties, which may result in prejudice to any supplier in the confidence that the data be handled with absolute discretion and professionalism by the CUSTOMER.

The CUSTOMER understands that the delivery time offered in each quote is an estimate and above all considered “EX WORKS” unless specified otherwise. So the real time it takes to get goods to the customer's premises will largely depend on such factors as: Origin of the goods (city or country where the supplier is located, the destination of the goods (city where the customer is located), type of service and / or coverage of the selected package delivery company, volume and weight of goods , etc. In particular (in case you choose to consolidate all purchases at our facilities) should be considered the final time, take an average of 2 days with respect to the item later to reach us.

The CUSTOMER understands that in order to maintain a healthy business community and friendly, he can leave and be left FEEDBACK in each transaction (same works for suppliers). This was done to keep a record of the integrity of both parties at the time of doing business, qualifications that will surely be taken into account in this case by the suppliers at the time of quoting, so that a good customer will always be better treaty problem with a CUSTOMERwho frequently have changes, refunds, cancellations, complaints or any problems.

This Feedback must be submitted no later than 30 days after the date of purchase. We consider this, long enough to have cleared up amicably any disagreement or misunderstanding that may have occured. After this period he will be forfeited to leave nay feedback at all.

Derived from the above, the CUSTOMER agrees to make purchases as honestly and as gentlemanly as possible and to refrain as much as possible to make changes and merchandise returns for no reason and / or make unjustified claims, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so, for which each provider will determine how it will proceed with each situation. The CUSTOMER understands that once he has confirmed or selected items that and issued corresponding purchase order to the different providers , it is engaging with them, it must be respected in full and not playing with anyone's time because it can be penalized and / or suspended if not formally concluded the purchase, so it is recommended not to confirm purchase to be completely sure you really want to buy the merchandise.

The CUSTOMER is aware that for every quote request that he submits, our company will send such information to several potential suppliers to which we will demand a quick response. Therefore, his intention to purchase the itmes must be REAL at all times and he will not be joking around with suppliers and make them lose time. To do so, our system will record the activity of each member and if it is determined that a CUSTOMER is actually a supplier or a dealer posing as a potential customer and only using our technology platform to monitor their competitors pricing and making we all work in vain, his account will be suspended indefinitely.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, each supplier would bear his own track record and sent quotes and most likely will conclude that is is worthless wasting his time and continue to quote items for a CUSTOMER who constantly requests quotes, and never buys anything.

The CUSTOMER agrees that in case of violating any of the above may be subject to sanction or permanent suspension of your account on our website and therefore the termination of our relationship.



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