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Yes, you can browse any part of the site without an account. You must, however, register for an Account before you can buy or sell.

In order to buy, sell or submit a RFQ on you must obtain a free account. Registering is very simple, just go to the menu options, choose the one that says "Customers" and then select the option that says "Sign" and is filled with the necessary data (name, address tax, shipping address, country, etc.) and finish filling out all data, press the "send" and ready.

Our service is global, when you apply for any items you request will be sent primarily to suppliers of your own country to avoid import duties, international freight and other charges involved in it because of the high cost. Only in the case of non-existent suppliers to a specific brand in your own country, we would contact some international suppliers to provide the price you want, in which case you would only need to be aware that you will obviously have to considered for import costs.

First let us tell you that there is definitely no company in the world that does exactly the same kind of work we do to help you find and purchase the goods you're looking for at the best price. There are many companies that either came up with the idea by themselves or copied it from us, but in any case they did not know exactly how to do it because they have never been in your shoes like we have, and therefore they don’t understand completely you needs like we do.

The main advantage you get from using our services is that no matter how many items you require to quote and / or the number of brands that you need to be find, we'll take care of forwarding the information to thousands of potential suppliers who carry the goods you want. That is, for each item you are looking for, we will send that information to various distributors, so that you will receive not only a single price as you would when contacting a dealer on your own, but many different prices for each item coming from different dealers around the world, and you can see which of them has the best conditions or the best price and based on that, you can select who you want to buy it from according to your own needs.

are some companies (very similar between them) such as:Shopping, Twenga, PriceGrabber, Streetprices, Pricebat, Nextag, Bizrate, Shopper, Pricescan, Askcost, Dealclick, ComparePrices, ShopBot, Pricecheck, Sortprice, Smarter and Buy.comthat are supposed to help you find the best price, and to do so, they list several prices for an specific product searched, and let you choose the “best” option, however they all have basically 4 major limitations compared to us:

• The first one is that consider only very few brands, which are mostly personal consumer products (clothing, shoes, fragrances, cosmetics, computers and gadgets), but they DO NOT consider most industrial products for companies like we do.

• The second one is that they have a very elitist selection, showing you only the prices obtained from on-line stores, which in some cases are Not even authorized distributors but re-sellers. Leaving out of consideration thousands of other potential suppliers who don’t advertise on the Internet, such as local distributors or mom & dad´s stores, most of them who are direct distributors, and who in many cases have better prices than the regular On-line stores. So the prices you get are NOT necessarily the best ones in the market.

• The third one is that from the only brands that list (which are minimal) they only publish the most common or most popular products, and not all those belonging to that brand. So if you need a very special product from that brand, they simply tell you that the product was NOT found and that they cannot help you.

• The fourth limitation is that those companies are basically American, and their prices shown are usually from companies located exclusively in the USA, so if a customer in Latin America or Europe is looking for something, the option they show you are most likely Not to work for you, since you would have to pay freight and importing taxes into your country, since they DO NOT consider local distributors from every country.

Finally, there are some websites where in theory you can buy and sell "everything" such as Ebay, Amazon or However those sites definitely DON’T work for companies, since most of the products found there are usually "USED". Of course you can also find new items there, but you need to be very lucky to get enough new products.

In most cases sellers are NOT distributors but people who want to get rid of their "surplus" products and therefore the available quantity is extremely limited, and they provide NO warranty whatsoever, so in case you need several pieces of the same product, it is most likely that you will either not find them all, find some new and some used, or not find any at all. It all depends on luck there, and formal companies cannot obviously depend on luck to buy their needs.

In any case at all those websites you have to look for your products ONE by ONE, since they don’t have a RFQ module such as we do, for companies to send all their requirements at once and forget about losing time searching the net, because that is what we do, leaving them free time to do more productive work.

With us, you NEVER depend on luck to find exactly what you need; you will always have several proposals for every product requested either directly from the manufacturer or their authorized dealers.

Each supplier is aware and well informed about our commitment to reply every RFQ 24 hours after received, otherwise we all know you will Not be very satisfied with the service, so they know they have only that 24 hour deadline for submitting their proposals.

Having completed this period of time, we will automatically send you the proposals that have been received so far, so you can have the information collected and make the best decision. Only please note that most suppliers only work from Monday to Friday, so if you submit your request on a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday, you will have to wait until next Monday to receive the proposal.

Many people unfortunately have had bad previous experiences buying online, but the fact is that online shopping is a wonderful way to get all the stuff you need easily. There will always be fraudulent people anywhere so the only trick is to take precautions to avoid falling into any trap.

Since we are only an intermediary between customers and suppliers, we cannot obviously guarantee in any way that all operations are carried out satisfactorily, but precisely to minimize the risk that users take and as far as possible try to maintain a high credibility within the community, we have taken 2 precautionary measures:

First, for those companies wishing to register and be considered as suppliers, we collect the most possible information from them to make sure they are legally established business: Name, address, Tax ID or Social Security Numbers, Personal ID´s such as driver´s license or valid passport, etc. (Without these documents are NOT permitted to participate as suppliers).

We also have a reputation system where we keep track of transactions made by each user, so it is easy to see if a provider is formal or not, based on their score.

No, we are only a means of liaison between customers and suppliers. Every supplier must make the corresponding invoice to each customer. By doing this we assure that the information provided by each supplier is the same information we forward to the customer and that there are NO hidden costs or commissions from us, so that the benefits you get are real.

This decision is obviously taken by each supplier. Most commonly you will have to pay before they ship the merchandise to you, especially since we do Not necessarily verify the information you provide to us as a customer and therefore the supplier would be taking a risk of not getting paid. But you can always try, some suppliers may let you pay once you get their stuff If you ask them.

Payments are generally made directly to the seller. Arrangements for payment can be made during your negotiations with the seller or when the seller contacts you after negotiations are complete.

Freight, insurance, and any other charges associated with transportation are the responsibility of the buyer, unless other arrangements are made with seller. Buyers and sellers are responsible for all other costs incurred in connection with the transaction.

To qualify for FREE shipping, the amount of your purchase must be over $ 400.00 USD (or local currency equivalent) PER SUPPLIER. This means that even if your total purchase totals $1,000.00 USD, if 5 different suppliers have to fill it (each of them will sell an average of $ 200.00 USD) you will have to pay for S&H. In case you decide to have each seller send the items directly, you would have to pay for 5 different shipments (one per supplier) as in Ebay or any other place.

Each seller will tell you the amount payable for freight (if you prefer to have them ship the goods straight to you) before you pay for your purchase in order to cover all expenses.

Warranties are an issue between the buyer and seller. Sellers are advised to sell only NEW items and to offer the corresponding warranty, however you would have to deal directly with each seller in case something does not work properly.

Unless you have negotiated a credit line with the supplier, we have set a maximum period of 3 days to make payment and complete your purchase. We believe that 3 days is an appropriate and reasonable period of time, so if you really require the item, you don’t need more time to get the money to pay. In case you DON’T pay before the 4th day, the purchase order will be automatically canceled and you will have to start the process all over again, from sending your RFQ.

Note: WE may additionally suspend your account to make sure that you really have the intention to buy the goods, and avoid wasting the time of our suppliers, having them work for free.

Unless otherwise specified, each vendor will have to send the stuff you purchased from them directly to you. However if you prefer so, we have our consolidation and logistics service, where we ask suppliers to send the goods to us instead, and we would gradually put everything together in one single package until we get your complete purchase from all suppliers involved and once completed we would send the package to you.

Delivery time obviously depends on the time specified by each supplier when they sent their respective proposals to your RFQ. In the case of shipments sent directly to you, the average time shall be 2 or 3 additional days to reach your destination. For example, if you were given a delivery time of 3 days FOB, the goods should be getting to you on the 6th day.

In case that you have chosen to use our consolidation and logistics services, delivery time will be equal to the longest lead time specified by suppliers, plus the same 3 days mentioned above.

* Please remember that the transit time a package takes to get to you does not depend either on us or the supplier directly. Depending on destination, package size and the type of services (expedited, consolidated, ground, air, etc.) it can probably take longer to some places than others.

Yes, of course. Our concern is that you find the best solutions to your needs at all times. If you opted to consolidate the goods with us to save money on shipping, but it has become urgent or critical any particular item, we can do the following:

If we have already received the urgent item you need, we can either send you only that particular item or, send it along with any other items that have also arrived and only wait for the rest of items to arrive and once we get all, make you another shipment.

If the urgent item has not yet arrived, and it has not yet been sent by the supplier, we can certainly ask the supplier that instead of shipping it to us as initially indicated, it should be sent directly to you.

NO, our brokerage services that we offer so that you can easily get different proposals for various brands at one time are completely FREE for customers

If the goods have already been shipped to you (for which you should have been provided the tracking number) the complaint is to be made with the delivery company directly, as they sometimes misplace, wrong deliver or even lose some packages. If any of these happen, they should pay for that since all shipments have insurance.

Otherwise (if the item has NOT been shipped yet) the fault would be directly from the supplier, and any disagreement must be dealt directly with him. Even if you've opted to use our consolidation and logistics services, we are only an intermediary, and if the reason for the delay is that we have not yet received the goods, little can do if at all to help you there. So will always have to contact the supplier directly to see the reason why he has not yet sent the goods as requested.

To do this, we will gladly provide the phones and emails from each supplier so you can easily get in touch with them.

As in the previous question, any disagreement needs to be dealt directly with the supplier involved, for which we will gladly provide the phones and emails that provider so that you can easily contact him. Each supplier has different policies for it and will gladly explain each one when you need it and will let you know how to proceed in this case.

No - is not a store. is a shopping search engine that helps you compare products & prices from different suppliers online. Once receives a RFQ we immediately forward it to as many suppliers as possible for each brand needed, collect all their proposals and then send you one quotation with all of them for you to compare and select the best option. has developed advanced search technology to help you find the product you are looking to buy. You can locate a product by using our “Quick search bar”. In case the product is not in our data base but belongs to a brand that we deal with, you can still request a quote and we will get the price for you form different suppliers that carry that brand.

At first, contacted each of the manufacturers listed in this web site asking them to give us information about their main distributors around the world. However distributors now may contact us by themselves and select the brands they carry from all the ones we have listed. Then, every time someone needs price form one of the brands they selected, we send them an email asking them to help us quote the item for you.

We may, but not for sure. As we explained before we first contacted the main suppliers (the most important ones) for each brand around the world, and after that some other minor distributors have also joined us, but to make sure we consider your closest distributor ask him to join us, we are sure he can increase his sales by joining us. does not search for repair shops nor do we supply product manufacturer information. For assistance, we suggest you contact the merchant where you bought the product or search for the manufacturer's Web site for more information.

No - can help you find the best deal so you can buy the product you need at the best price. But for installation information you need to contact the product manufacturer directly.

You need to contact the manufacturer of the product to acquire a new manual. can help you find the best deal so you can buy the product you need at the best price However, to get specific assistance determining product compatibility, how to upgrade your system and other similar issues, you need to contact the product manufacturer or a merchant sales department.

If you have a problem with the merchandise you've ordered, you need to contact directly the seller you ordered it from.

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