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Any privately held company in the MRO, Electronic, Telecomm, Automation and any other related products industry, has the potential to partner with Ideal-marketplace to promote their products in our site.

The main advantage is that, without having to owe a website, you can easily sell your products by Internet. We offer instant market penetration and access to a captive audience of the best purchasing decision-makers across the world. By joining us, we will forward you all the RFQ's received everyday from thousands of potential customers from all around the world.

Registering is very simple, go to the main menu and choose the option that says "Suppliers", then go to the option that says "Register" and fill all the information requested (name, address fiscal, telephone, email, etc.).

Note: Unlike customer registration, we need to have a confirmed address from you to be able to register as a supplier. Therefore we need you to attach the following documents as well:

• Proof of address

• Copy of the incorporation (in case of company or enterprise)

• Copy of any official ID (driver´s license or valid passport) from the business owner, legal representative or sole director.

After completing all data and having attached all the documents required, select the brands which you want to be considered for when we send the RFQ´s from the customers. Once you've selected all, simply press the "send" key and you are all set.

Although it would be very rare for that to happen, because we have covered more than 10,000 different brands, if you want to promote a brand that is not listed, email us and let us know about it for its inclusion in our database. Although is not required that you send us all the information related to the brand, if you have it on hand (logo, website, list of products, etc..) and you can send it to us it would be much appreciated.

Our service is global, when you register as a supplier for the markets or brands you've selected, our system will automatically consider you when any customer from around the world requests a quote containing products that you carry.

Considering the urgency in which most of the customers require information nowadays and, in the understanding that each RFQ will be sent to authorized dealers and therefore experts in each of the brands, we determined that the key to a good service is to respond any RFQ in a period no longer than 24 hours. That the system has been specially designed to include only those proposals that come within that range of time, so we recommend you to be very attentive to the emails we send and answer them promptly so you can increase your chances of closing good deals. Information sent afterwards will NOT be considered by the system and therefore the client will not know about this.

No, no one will force you to do anything against your will. If you do not want, or cannot answer a RFQ for any reason you can simply ignore it, there will be no problem. We obviously expect that you try to answer as many as possible, since you and not us decided on your own to join our business community because you wanted to considered when a customer requested any of the brands you carry.

But If, for some reason you no longer want us to consider you and send you by email our RFQ´S, we advise you to unsubscribe from our website.

No, we are only a means of liaison between customers and suppliers. All goods must be invoiced directly to each customer who requested them. In this way we ensure you, that we do not alter the information provided to customers and that each operation is completely clear and transparent, so that there are NO hidden costs or commissions from us.

This decision is obviously taken by every supplier. The best practice (since we do not verify the information provided by customers) is to not take any chances and make sure that all goods are paid prior to sending them. However, depending on the type of customer and the requirements that you may have to give some kind of credit, you are free to take your chances and have customers pay you later, in which case the risk is entirely yours and the respective later collection of the money.

Unless you have negotiated and given the customer some time (credit), we have set a maximum of 3 days for him to pay you and complete the purchase. We believe that 3 days is an appropriate and reasonable period of time for him to pay or get the necessary funds to do so, therefore if the client really needs the item, he does not need more time than that. Should NOT be paid in that period, the purchase order is automatically canceled and the customer would have to redo the ENTIRE process again from the RFQ.

Note: To prevent this from happening, we have warned customers that in case of failure to pay you for their purchase in those 3 days, we may also suspend their account to force them to take this more seriously and avoid having us all work for free and waste our time.

Absolutely, when signing up as a provider you select the brands where you want to be considered as a supplier, and in turn you can ask for RFQ from all other brands listed in case needed.

Considering the fact that the customer has 3 days maximum to pay you, we will give you 2 extra days to pay us our commission on the sale, this means that you have 5 working days to deliver.

To make things easier for you and help you make payment on time, we have prepared 3 different ways to do this: 1) deposit or wire transfer to our bank accounts, 2) Payment by Paypal or 3) charge to your credit card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once payment is made we need to inform us about it by sending either a copy of the deposit (scanned) by mail or simply notifying us stating the exact amount paid, date of payment and the target bank or medium payment so that we can easily identify your payment credited to your account and avoid any inconvenience.

As we depend 100% on such income, and given the huge number of suppliers with whom we work, it is quite tedious to even think of collection, so to avoid problems, we have set the website to automatically disable your account in case your payment has not been received before the sixth working day after the sale, which means that you would lose potential sales because you would not be considered in our emails with requests for quotation from customers.



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