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Feedback Reputation

Reputation is a reflection of the prestige or esteem of a person or company, at reputation is not under the control of the individual or organization, but in the users who interact with the company and rate each transaction, thus building their reputation. This is especially important, because it allows other users to know how good or bad service can expect from any particular company before doing business with it, based on comments or ratings of previous users.

* If you already know what the reputation system is all about and you want to leave feedback for any given transaction, do it here

Otherwise, here's how Feedback works:

Every member has a Feedback Profile, which includes basic information about the member and the Feedback that their trading partners have left for them. Learning to trust a member has a lot to do with what their past buyers or sellers have to say.

For each transaction, buyers and sellers can rate each other by leaving Feedback. Each Feedback consists of a positive, negative, or neutral rating, and a short comment. A buyer can also rate the seller on additional criteria: Accuracy of item description, communication, shipping time, and shipping and handling charges. These detailed seller ratings do not count toward the Feedback Score and are anonymous. This means that sellers can't tell which buyer left which detailed rating, so buyers can feel free to leave ratings that honestly tell the story about their experience.

Leaving honest comments about a particular member gives other Community members a good idea of what to expect when dealing with that member. Once it's left, Feedback becomes a permanent part of the member's Feedback Profile.

Buyers can leave Feedback for a seller after a transaction ends. With this Feedback approach, buyers can reward their favorite sellers not only with sales but also with helping spread the word about the seller's services. And sellers can return the favor by leaving similar Feedback for favorite buyers.

Whenever you buy or sell something, you can leave Feedback about the transaction. Both sellers and Buyers can leave negative, neutral, or positive Feedback.

Over time, ideal-marketplace members develop a Feedback Profile, or reputation, based on the comments and ratings left by other members. The Feedback score is one of the most important pieces of a Feedback Profile. It's the number in parentheses next to a member's user ID and it's also located at the top of the member's Feedback Profile.

Reputation as a buyer / seller

BUYER / SELLER reputation as determined in accordance with the feedback received by suppliers / customers. Each time the two users perform an operation on the site they have 30 calendar days to leave their corresponding feedback for the counterpart according to their experience.

Feedback can be:

Positive: It implies that the supplier who provided the goods purchased was satisfied with the operation and everything worked out well for him. A positive feedback will add a point to its record of positive transactions and will be a way to "recommend" that client to the community.

Negative: It implies that the supplier was not satisfied with the operation and that there probably were problems or dissatisfactions with the customer (late payment, lies, lack of communication, etc.). Negative feedback can only be left after both parts have tried to find a friendly solution to their problem without any success. A negative record in a customer will result in a “red flag” to suppliers since it will somehow show that it is a “problematic” customer. Each negative feedback will also be added to its record of negative transactions and will be a way to “warn” other suppliers.

Neutral: It means that the supplier was not entirely satisfied with the operation but things were solved at the end somehow, so it does not imply that you have a grudge or want to harm the client's reputation in the community. Neutral feedback does not score neither positive nor negative points in their score.

Reputation will be expressed as follows:

BUYER1/ CUSTOMER1 (55 / 3 ): This will mean for example that the member BUYER1 has 55 positive operations and 3 negative ones. It is obvious that a user can get as much feedback as transactions made.

Exactly the same thing will happen to suppliers ho will be graded the same way by buyers.

Why leave Feedback?

Leaving honest comments gives members a good idea of what to expect when dealing with other members. Leaving Feedback is also a way to express your appreciation for a job well done. Finally, if you are a buyer, you can help spread the word about a seller you like, and if you are a seller, you can help recognize and reward loyal customers, which encourages them to buy from you again.

Should I leave neutral or negative Feedback for a seller?

Feedback comments become a permanent part of a seller's record. If you are a buyer, contact your seller to try to resolve any issues before leaving neutral or negative Feedback. Please make sure that your comments are fair, based in fact, and relate to the specific transaction for which you received the Feedback request.


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