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Each month, thousands of manufacturers spend millions on Advertising campaigns around the world. In some cases they work, but the truth is that in today's world ... Consumers are not passive anymore!

We don't claim that traditional advertising doesn't work. What we do claim is that our technique works much better. Learn how we can connect you with potential customers without paying anything, through what we call MARKETING without ADVERTISING. is the leading global business directory that offers manufacturers a FREE and effective way to increase sales and brand positioning. Our global marketing efforts can drive NEW industrial buyers to your distributors and expose your brand to overseas market.

Ideal-marketplace offers innovative and complete solutions that can help you grow your business. Built to facilitate product consideration and ultimately part procurement, the site represents an opportunity for manufacturers to build brand awareness and position themselves in the buy cycle.

We have the industry expertise to help you minimize your marketing investments while broadening your business horizons. With our keen understanding of the market needs, broad customer reach and a best-in-class operation that sets the standard for the industry, we send more than $10 million USD in customer referrals to our merchant partners every day.

We can promote your products and services among millions of unique buyers every month. If you are a manufacturer looking for motivated buyers, measurable results and the expansion of your portfolio, Ideal-market may be the right Marketing channel for you.

STOP wasting your money and let your Brand be found

by millions of customers without paying anything...

We offer you EFFECTIVE and PERMANENT Advertising

for FREE!!

All it takes is to provide as much information about your company as possible, so that we can promote your Brand(s) correctly:

1. Send us the following information via email:

Your company logo and a representative picture of your products (see example).

General Product Catalogs and Brochures (.pdf): In order to allow customers to view or download technical information. (see example).

Full list of articles (.pdf or .xlsx): For customers to be able to search for the required products by model. (see example).

Competitors Cross-References (.pdf or .xlsx) (see format needed): Many companies try to build market share by taking away sales from competitors. In an economy that isn't growing, taking business from competition may be the only way to survive.

Our site has been designed to provide something beyond the common "product series to product series" cross references on many websites. It is not a table or list you have to download. This program allows the user to enter a competitor's part number and get results listing your parts that are equivalent, item-to-item. The user can then check boxes to add items to a RFQ form, and recieve price quotes from your Distributors. It is great for engineers or buyers looking for "or Equal" parts on their bill of materials. Your customer service, sales representatives and distributors can also use it to cross parts and check stock all at once.

If your products are more competitive than similar products from other brands, this is your oportunity to spread the word and let it know. By providing such information, everytime a customer searches or requests information of a product from another brand, yours will show-up too. (see example)

2. That ALL your distributors are registered with us:

It is important to ensure that all your dealers are registered in our community and actively participate in our Requests for quote. You can either ask them to sign up and convince them about the benefits they will receive from being part of our suppliers, or provide us with a list of all your authorized dealers, in order for us to contact them directly and ask them to join us.

Please note that it will ALWAYS BE BETTER THAT SEVERAL DISTRIBUTORS quote the same part simultaneously, that some clients choose to buy the equivalent in another brand, for NOT having received any quotation by the distributors of the brand originally required. This happens very often and must be considered very seriously, because if our system has enough information from your authorized distributors, whenever a customer requires any product of your brand, we will gladly forward the information to the correct people, so they can quickly provide the price and infromacion requested.

*NOTE: In order to see how much information we have about your brand, perform a search below and see how we are doing.


Are we missing anything?

Go ahead and provide any missing information and help us promote your brand better (click below).


For more Information, send us an email:



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