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Otherwise, we gladly explain you how it works: In order for you to send your requests for quotation we have enabled 3 simple ways you can use to do this very quickly and easily, which are shown below (clic on each option to read the entire text):

The first one consists in using our “Quick search bar” (which appears at the top of the screen) to locate the items that you require to quote and simply add each product to your RFQ by pressing the button that says “Request price” every time you find a product. The advantage of doing so, is that the complete product information (model or catalog, description and their respective brand) would be filled "automatically" in your request, therefore making it very easy for suppliers to identify what you are looking for.

The second option consists in "filling" the information manually: MODEL or CATALOG, DESCRIPTION and BRAND. The advantage of doing it this way is that it is extremely fast to write down all the items that need to be quoted. However it has a little disadvantage: If the description or model is not written properly o correctly by you, the supplier or manufacturer of the brand may have some trouble identifying what you need, even though they are supposed to be experts in their respective brand, and it is still likely that they might "interpret" your request and quote the right product.

The third and final option is to simply "attach" a file where you have all the information on the products you need to quote. This is obviously the fastest and easiest option, as well as the most recommended when you have several items to quote. However for this option to work, we require that you make sure of the following:

a) That format in which you send us the information is either of these 3 types of documents: WORD, EXCEL or PDF only (our software is not able to read any other type of files)

b). That ALL the information you submit comes in the same order in which we handle all our information, which is: CATALOG DESIGN, DESCRIPTION and BRAND, because if you reverse the order of the information or send plain texts to it will be impossible for our software to “translate” or interpret your information and forward it to the right suppliers.

NOTE: The normal process for quoting may take up to 48 hours.


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