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    Our GSE (Global Search Engine) allows us to reach more than 25,000 different suppliers from all over the world simultaneously, in order to request them price quotes for you. If the items you need are available somewhere out there, we'll help you find them. It's very easy, just let us know what exactly you are looking for and let us do the work for you.

    Clic here if it is the first time you request prices, to read the instructions and provide the required information CORRECTLY.

    1. For each item needed, you must fill the empty boxes as accurately as possible (Part Number, Description, Brand, Qty, and Unit) in order for the suppliers to identify what you need and be able to send their proposal promptly.

    2. If you wish to type all information manually (without using our Search bar), please note that once you start entering the name of the BRAND to which the product belongs to, the system has an "AutoComplete" function, so you must wait until the system displays the one that matches your needs. (the reason for this is that in the programming language, some words cannot be saved using special characters such as: " &, / " as they may have a special function. For example, the brand THOMAS&BETTS, was saved as THOMAS-AND-BETTS, B&B was saved as B-AND-B, and so on, and if you DO NOT type the Brand as we saved it, the system will NOT be able to send your request to corresponding suppliers.)

    3. As you can see the system displays only one row. If you require more than one item, you only need to hit the "+" sign, located at the end of each row, to add more rows.

    4. After you finish typing all the items needed to quote, you must indicate if your request is urgent and if you want to consider only local, all domestic or even foreign suppliers, by selecting the corresponding option in the "check boxes".

    5. To complete the process, press the RED button that says: "Send Request"

    Do you need price quotes for several items?...
    You can also Upload your Bill of Materials (BOM): Clic here
    Description Brand/Manufacturer Quantity Needed Unit

    How many Suppliers do you want us to reach?

    Consider only LOCAL suppliers (select region):   
    Consider all DOMESTIC suppliers (Nationwide):   
    Consider ALL registered suppliers (Worldwide) 
    (Please Do not select this option if you can NOT import products).



    Please ensure to provide accurate information on the material required, so we can give you the service you deserve:

    1. The most important data in any request for quote are: MODEL AND BRAND . MODEL is a fundamental and indispensable information for providers to quickly identify the right product without problem, so be sure to provide such information as complete and accurate as possible. The BRAND, is the fact that we serve us to know which suppliers send your requirements. Without such data it is impossible to give you adequate attention, so be sure to include ALL your contributions.

    2. The normal quote process takes up to 48 hours , during which your information is sent to all registered providers for each brand needed, collected, and attached in order to show you several proposals for each item requested and have more options to choose from.

    3. Should you require quotation of any installation, advice, training, insurance, freight or ANY intangible and/or service in general instead of a particular product or spare, as not none of them belongs to a specific brand, you MUST type the word: SERVICES, in the corresponding Manufacturer's box.


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