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The SUPPLIER agrees to comply with the price offered in his quotation for a period of at least 15 calendar days after the date it was sent to the customer, so that the client has enough time to review all proposals received and make the decision that he considers the best one.

The SUPPLIER agrees to comply with the delivery time offered for each item quoted, in case he becomes the winner of the customer´s order, since he understands that such information may in many cases be a decisive factor at the time of the purchase, in which case the customer will assume that the supplier will deliver the goods within the specified period.


The SUPPLIER understands that the main objective of this website is to give customers several options for each of the products they require, and that every quotation sent will be subject to competition from other domestic and foreign suppliers who have decided to compete for the same brands and / or products. He also understands that our company does not take sides or play favorites with any supplier, so that the customer is always who ultimately decides who to buy the items from.

The SUPPLIER understands therefore, that the success rate in his quotations depends on various factors such as: competitive price, on-hand inventory, fast service (speed to respond to RFQ´s) and so on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As part of an overall service strategy, automatically sends the customer by email the final quote with all proposals received 24 hours after receiving the original request for quotation. Only those proposals received before that period will be considered and sent, this to ensure a quick customer service and encourage suppliers to follow up immediately to our RFQ´s.

In order to give the customer a competitive advantage The SUPPLIER agrees that for any domestic purchase over $400.00 USD (or its equivalent in local currency), he will consider FREE SHIPPING except for products that do not qualify for this purpose as well as international orders.

* See terms and conditions for shipping.

The SUPPLIER understands that in order to maintain a friendly and reliable business community, he can leave and be left feedback. The main purpose of doing this, is to keep a record of the integrity of both parties at the time of doing business. Feedback must be submitted no later than 30 days after the date of purchase, long enough time to make sure everything worked well for their counterpart or to be able to fix anything that may have gone wrong in order to avoid getting a NEGATIVE feedback. After this period it will not be possible to leave any feedback at all.

The SUPPLIER may at any time refuse to participate and send his proposal for a RFQ if he considers that the chance of winning the order is null, to avoid working in vain.

The SUPPLIER understands that in order to to maintain a high credibility in all operations and to avoid confusion, arguments, misunderstandings or even lawsuits from customers, any customer may refuse at any time to buy goods from suppliers whose previous Feedback shows problems in previous transactions with other clients, meaning that even if his proposal is the cheapest one, the Client shall be free to select another option.

The SUPPLIER knows that in order for us to be able to pay for our administrative and advertising costs, he will be charged a 3% transaction fee on each final sale, and that he will NOT have to pay for our service, in case he does not sell anything.


The SUPPLIER shall issue a tax receipt (electronic bill) for all purchases when needed, as stated the current tax legislation of each state or country.

The SUPPLIER agrees that in case of violating any of the above may be subject to sanction or permanent suspension of your account on our website and therefore the termination of our relationship, thus losing all future business potential that could channel.

Important Notice for International Sellers

If you are registering from a country which is outside of the United States, there are important steps you must take before you begin selling on our website to ensure a great experience for you and for customers. These steps include:

•  You must accurately state the 'shipping from' country in your seller profile for display to customers.

•  You will be responsible for assuring that you will meet the shipping expectations for all orders you receive.

•  Products must be quoted in US Dollars.

•  When facing customers outside your own country, content and communications must be in English.

•  You should understand the laws that apply to you as a seller on our website and only sell, and export products that comply with those laws.

Important reminder of your obligations as an international seller :

When selling on our website as an international seller, there are important steps you must take to ensure a great experience for customers. Understanding and managing these steps is essential for successful international selling and is required for your participation in Ideal-marketplace's international selling programs.

Before you begin selling on an Ideal-marketplace website in a country outside your business location, you need to provide a valid bank in order toget paid. In addition, you should understand the laws that apply to you as a seller on our website and only sell products that comply with those laws. You should consult with your legal and tax advisors who understand the requirements that may apply to you so that you only offer products on the Ideal-marketplace marketplace website that: you are permitted to sell IF you are able to deliver to the customer on time, every time with no customer surprises, and you are able support after the sale.

Please confirm that you have carefully considered the following matters with your legal and tax experts (as you deem necessary) and that you agree to only offer products on Ideal-marketplace websites when all of the following apply:

For each product you offer and/or sell on an Ideal-marketplace website:

•  Customer Expectations. You will provide customers with accurate information about the country from which you are shipping your product. You need to accurately state the 'shipping from' country in your seller profile and manage customer expectations by stating the actual shipping times from your country. You will be responsible to meet the shipping expectations for all orders you receive.

•  Delivery to the Customer. You have a reliable way to get that product to the customer on time, every time. Do not expose customers to customs delays and additional duties and taxes on their products. It is your responsibility to take care of such matters when you ship the product, so the customer receives exactly what the customer ordered within the estimated delivery date that is posted with your offer on the Ideal-marketplace marketplace website.

•  Customer Service. You are prepared to quickly respond to customer contacts in the language of the Ideal-marketplace marketplace website you are registering to sell in. Customers expect prompt, helpful service when they have questions or concerns about your products. You should have customer service specialists that understand your products, that know where the customer's product is and when it will be delivered, and that will be able to respond quickly (but in any case within 24 hours) to customer e-mail contacts in the language of the Ideal-marketplace marketplace website you are registering to sell in.

NOTE: If you provide phone support, you are required to do so in the language of and within the business hours of the time zone of the marketplace country you are registering to sell in. When you interact with Ideal-marketplace Customer Service or Seller Support, you are required to communicate in ENGLISH.

•  Right to Sell. The laws of each country are different (and laws vary within countries).  As the seller of your products, it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not present customers with offers for your products unless you have confirmed that you are permitted, under all applicable laws, to sell and deliver the product to all potential customers.

For example, you should confirm that:

•  Applicable export and import laws permit the delivery of that product to each potential customer,

• Your product meets local consumer protection, product compliance and environmental regulations. For example, the product should comply with local age restrictions, usability requirements (e.g. have accompanying product documentation in the local language) and product safety requirements and certifications (e.g. comply with all hazmat restrictions, include required labelling on the product), and

•  Sale and delivery of your product will not violate the intellectual property rights of others (e.g. the product manufacturer).

•  Customer charges. Your quotes will include all applicable charges and taxes (including VAT, customs duty, excise taxes, etc. as applicable). You will provide VAT invoices to the customer upon the customer's request, if applicable.

•  Returns. You will provide customers with a local return address within the country of the Ideal-marketplace website or offer them free shipment for returns.

•  Taxes. You are solely responsible for determining whether any taxes apply, accounting for any taxes due, and for Intrastat reporting to the appropriate tax authority. You are responsible for meeting any VAT obligations that apply, including VAT obligations in the Ideal-marketplace marketplace website location, the country to which you are delivery your products, or other applicable countries.

•  Your Selling on Ideal-marketplace Agreement. You will, at all times, comply with the terms and conditions of the Ideal-marketplace Services Business Solutions Agreement.

Important reminder of your obligations when using Fulfillment by Ideal-marketplace

Before you begin using Fulfillment by Ideal-marketplace outside your business location, you need to provide a valid bank account in order to get paid. In addition, please carefully consider the following matters with your legal and tax experts (as you deem necessary) and only participate in the Fulfillment by Ideal-marketplace service when you comply with all of the following:

•  Delivery of Inventory. If you choose to send inventory directly to Ideal-marketplace from outside the Ideal-marketplace marketplace country, you must use an import broker (either one of your own choosing or one designated by Ideal-marketplace). All inventory sent directly to Ideal-marketplace from outside the USA must be sent under “Delivery Duty Paid destination” freight terms with all relevant import duties and other taxes paid. Ideal-marketplace will not be responsible for any import duties, taxes, collect freight or miscellaneous charges associated with importation into the marketplace country.

•  Surety Bond. If you choose to send inventory directly to Ideal-marketplace from outside your country, you will need to obtain an import surety bond.

•  Importer and Consignee. If you choose to send inventory directly to Ideal-marketplace from outside your country, you will list yourself as the importer and consignee, will NOT mention Ideal-marketplace as the importer or consignee, and will register as a non-resident importer as necessary. Ideal-marketplace will NOT act as importer of consignee of this inventory.




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