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Here are our recommendations for your purchases made through our site are truly successful and suppliers will provide the best service.

Try to find a Win-Win situation for you and Suppliers: Savvy buyers know that the way to reduce costs is not through taking profit margins away from suppliers, but rather by connecting with the right suppliers at the right moment in time. Ideal-marketplace automatically matches your sourcing requirements to the credentials of suppliers around the globe, connecting you to the ones that can offer NEW and original products at the best value, while still maintaining a reasonable profit margin.

Make a detailed analysis of all proposals and select the one that best suits your needs: You must be careful to analyze all the proposals and not get carried away only by the lowest price. Our system will send the proposals received, ordering them from the cheapest to the most expensive one; however many times the price is not everything.

We have implemented several additional filters that you may find useful. You can sort the proposals based on various criteria, including: On-hand stock for immediate delivery, lead time (if none available), distance between the supplier and you, etc.

For example, if you're buying heavy or bulky items, it's best to buy them with the nearest supplier, because even though it may not seem be the cheapest option, it can be much more expensive to buy it from another supplier, due to freight issues.

Similarly, if you need something urgently because it is critical for any process, buying what you need form the supplier that has it in stock or can get the item faster anyway can be a major factor. In this case the supplier may not be the cheapest either, but the difference in price may be tiny compared with the economic loss that would represent to wait a few more days from ordering it with the “cheapest” supplier on the list.

Finally check the reputation of each supplier: It would not be a very smart thing to do, buying items from suppliers who have bad reputation (Negative feedbacks from other customers). Even if the supplier has the best price, it would be a very risky decision in case something goes wrong, because its reputation may be derived from bad customer service.

Always consider all costs involved: When you decide to buy items from abroad, remember that the supplier´s terms will always be EXWORKS, so you will need to consider the import duties, transportation costs and customs broker fees. It is very common to find cheaper prices in other countries and people tend to get carried away by the false idea that the price quoted is the total price they will pay for the goods, which is incorrect. Remember that in the case of international sales, NO free freight applies regardless of the amount of the purchase, all purchases will be based on our experience, this cost usually amounts to at least 30% of the cost of goods (but may be higher), so in order for it truly be worthwhile to buy material from abroad, make sure the goods cost at least 40% less than domestic suppliers, because otherwise you will have a bad surprise at the end.

Note: Also have in mind that if any product does not work properly, the cost of sending it back for a refund or a replacement is normally paid by the buyer and since it would be an international shipment, it can be very expensive.

Shipping Terms: Be sure to read and understand the shipping policies of each supplier. Also note that often the delivery time may vary depending on the delivery company, the selected service or the destination itself. In many cases, suppliers have no control over delays that may happen, and fighting with them will not solve anything. Be patient and request the supplier to give you a tracking number, to see how it all goes.

Return Policy: Be sure to take into account whether or not a provider accepts returns. Most do, but making sure about it will not harm you at all. If the supplier specifies from the beginning that he does not accept changes or does not give any refunds, little can we do to help you.

Even if the supplier accepts returns, there are products which generally are not taken back, as products not carried in stock or specially made for you. The reason is obvious; NOBODY wants to keep something that will not be easy to sell afterwards. Some others have a re-stocking fee.

Communication: Communication proactively throughout the entire transaction assures you a better service at the end, because somehow puts pressure on suppliers to deliver things on time, knowing that the customer is aware of the sale.

If you make a deposit or wire transfer to pay for the goods purchased, be sure to inform the supplier. It is very common that suppliers delay the shipment of goods for not being aware that payment has been made. It's always easier for both if you inform them accordingly.

Be aware of the disadvantages of not communicate if you do not answer emails sent by the supplier, with any questions or clarifications regarding your purchase, you may be delaying the shipment. In many cases the suppliers face some problems or questions arise, and need confirmation from the client regarding the solution. Most vendors prefer to wait for the client to answer those questions, instead of sending goods that may end up not meeting their expectations and subsequently having to spend additional freight (the return shipping of the goods and the new shipping correct).

For example, if a customer requested a quote for a magnetic contactor and did not specify the voltage of the coil, the supplier can still quote the product (since the coil usually does not affect the price of the contactor), but at the time of dispensing it the voltage will be required, as otherwise it will not work for the customer and a conflict may happen.

Sometimes it also happens that a product is quoted, but when confirmed and requested to the manufacturer, it is found to be discontinued (without the supplier's knowledge), so that the supplier will surely seek to acquaint the customer about it and ask for his permission to order the new equivalent model. Perhaps there may be very flexible customers that have NO problem with that, but if you're one of those who do not easy accept any change, make sure you answer the emails from suppliers if they present a drawback from this type and can reach an agreement rather than have a problem.

Make sure you always get a positive Feedback: The key to a positive rating is to pay within the agreed timeframe. Customers who don't pay on time are considered as "problematic" and receive a negative feedback from the suppliers. Sellers tend NOT to quote if the buyer making the request has a bad feedback from previous transactions, since NOBODY wants to have problems.


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