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Ideal-marketplace makes it easy for anyone to have an online presence.
It's simple: Customers want it, you sell it. We help them find you.

Let's face it, popular search engines are not geared to serve the specific needs of the business-to-business world. There are thousands of websites and it is getting increasingly more difficult for customers to find your's, and for you to attract the right Buyers.

Become part of one of the the largest On-line distributor directory available. Ideal-marketplace.com includes over 15 million parts from more than 50,000 Manufacturers, so that customers can find whatever they need in the same place. More user options means more users, which means more inquiries, which means more sales.

Our site is readily found by search engines and acts as a platform that directs buyers and decision makers to your company. Listing your brands or stock, makes it accessible to thousands of purchase-ready buyers who trust our service to find the best suppliers. Sell your products here and improve margins, inventory turns, and global reach. It's easy, it's fast, and it doesn't cost you a penny until your items sell.

Beyond links to your business, we connect you with the world´s largest buying community at the right moment: when they are actively engaged in sourcing. We enable small and medium-sized companies to sell their products online and Grow thaier sales with industrial marketing solutions built for the way they do business.

Let us become an extension of your business team and complement your internal resources with our ecommerce expertise. Put the most trusted Source in the industry to work for you and take your business to the next level by selling your products to a worldwide audience. Open the door to a lucrative, global community of more than 100,000 buyers that use our site when seeking supply sources for their spares. Many of them willing to buy what you sell, in exchange for the right price and a good service.

As an Ideal-marketplace's registered supplier, you can leverage our combined scale to achieve bigger sales, access new technologies, and tap into new business opportunities to maximize your ecommerce results. Here are the 6 Top Reasons why thousands of suppliers work with us:

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Registration is FREE and there are NO membership fees either. It takes less than five minutes to create an Ideal-marketplace account - You only have to fill in the usual information and indicate which brands you want to be considered in. Once you have your account established, selling is a snap: All Request For Quotations (RFQs) will be passed on to you automatically, whenever a customer requieres any product that belongs to any of the brands you selected.

Once you receive our email, you only need to provide the information needed (price, availability and lead time) and send back to us your quotation, so we put it together with the one from other suppliers. As soon as we have collected all the information requested by the customer from all different brands and / or suppliers we will send all the proposals received (including yours obviously) to the customer so he can make a decision.

In case the customer chooses to buy from you, we will send him your banking accounts so he/she knows where or how to pay, and we will also let you know by sending you another email with the customer’s Purchase order as well as his shipping information, so you know what he will be paying for and be ready to ship as soon as you get the money.


By working with us, you save thousands in advertising, since it makes no sense that we both spend money on the same thing. Our marketing campaigns include Google Adwords and Facebook Ad's.

Ideal-marketplace.com optimizes the marketing of your parts to target the regions where those parts have a higher demand, maximizing your sale opportunities. With us, you get more exposure and more enquiries for free, as we re-direct all customer's requests to all our subscribed suppliers.

More customers mean more sales. Thousands of customers visit us every day and send their price requests, so once we forward you that information the only thing you need to do is respond them promptly and make sure to price items competitively to increase sales (remember that the more competitive the price, the faster products will sell).


Since there are NO start-up or listing fees, you have nothing to lose. Our merchant program is performance based, meaning you only pay when we help you sell (We only make money when you do).

Ideal-Marketplace also offers the lowest commission rates of any major online marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Newegg and so on (only 2.5% against an average of 10% from them). At no upfront cost, you can use start using Ideal-marketplace to sell your idle inventory and take it from there.


Being considered the world's most widely used B2B directory, is not by chance. We can help you grow your business, whether you're a publicly held company or a small computer shop, we can increase your client base, profitability, and efficiency by offering you a wider set of options:

- Unlimited product listings: Wheter you have 100 products, or 10 million products for sale, you can list them ALL at NO cost. Our registered suppliers sell everything from $1.00 USD items to $1 million USD construction equipment and everything in between. No matter what you sell, you can sell it here.

- Automatic quotation process: You can also set prices for the most common products, and the system will send a quote for you, based on the prices you provided, instead of sending you a "Request for quote" for every customer search.


We have a global network that finds buyers for your inventory. Ideal-marketplace pinpoints where the demand for your particular parts are and directs those buyers to your sales team, both locally and internationally.

Customers from around the world will be able to view and purchase your products. We have the largest known pool of products, manufacturers, distributors, and end-users in a single exchange network.

By working with us, we will forward you thousands of RFQ's from our daily visitors, thus increasing your chances to sell more and make your business grow.


We have invested and created the infrastructure that gives you a global presence to augment your current distribution network. By working with us, you DON'T need to have your own website to sell online and reach more markets. You just have to register, let us know what brands you can supply, and provide a valid email account (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.) where we can reach you and keep you posted about customer´s needs and requirements. The only thing you need to do is to be aware and periodically check you inbox because all requests must be answered 48 hours after received to be considered and sent to the customer.

Comparison Chart of Us against Nextag, Bizrate and Pricegrabber
Comparison Chart of Us against Ebay and Amazon

Ideal-marketplace supports and enhances current sales channels by providing more access to your products through our web site. Here, we actively promote YOUR inventory to a worldwide audience of buyers via the internet. We have thousands of customers worldwide who daily visit us and request prices for the merchandise they need. No matter what city or what country the customer is from, we will forward you his needs so you can quote the ones that belong to the brands you carry.

By working with us it would be as if you owned a store in each country of the world and having many different branches but with the advantage of not having spent a dime on them. Thanks to our innovative technology, the scope of your business can now be WORLDWIDE, so imagine the possibilities. Note: Obviously if you are NOT interested in exporting your goods, you can simply ignore the requests sent from foreign customers and only respond and quote the ones from domestic customers.


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