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Let's face it: Buying Industrial products online can sometimes be an unnerving process...

In order to get the best possible price for anything and make the most of your money, you NEED to COMPARE prices from different suppliers. The problem is that, with a proliferation of websites on the web and having THOUSANDS of them to choose from, you may end up losing most of your time by having to surf one Web store after another.

If you use a Price comparison sites such as Nextag or Bizrate, they may help you save some time but they wont necessarily help you find the BEST price (See why). The reason is simple, they tend not to have a 'whole market' focus, which means they will miss out several good deals, as they only base their results on websites that pay to be shown, and do not take into consideration other sites, let alone companies that do NOT have their own website.

If you use other third party e-commerce sites such as Amazon or Ebay, you might be faced with the challenge of finding only a FEW models listed from certain manufacturers (not all), with an ERRATIC supply (what's availbale today, may NOT be available tomorrow), in LIMITED quantities (you can only buy small quantities from each seller) and in most cases, they will be SURPLUS/REFURBISHED and/or USED items, since most sellers are individuals just trying to get rid of those products, not well established companies, let alone Authorized dealers.

We, at Ideal-marketplace can help you source any industrial part you need, at any volume. If you can't find something in our listings, we will hunt it down for you, and we will email you with a price. Our system allows you to upload you BOM's and request prices for ALL the items you need at once, and receive price quotes online from hundreds of suppliers of all sizes and scopes, from small family-owned or sole propietors to fortune 500 corporations, in a secure, private and easy to compare format. makes it easy for you to consolidate purchases and reduce total costs through a simple and satisfying purchasing process calibrated to meet all your requirements at once. Our goal is to find and list ALL trustworthy and established stores in one place, so that shoppers can easily compare prices from thousands of trusted sellers.

Here are the top 7 reasons why thousands of customers use our site:

(clic on each to read entire text) goes beyond the traditional business directory role, supporting customers by making available a wealth of resources that enable sourcing professionals and engineers to quickly and easily locate quality suppliers for all their MRO needs.

We even provide them access to the inventories of several off-line stores of legacy parts that have never been on the market before.

Imagine being able to find and buy everything you need in one place, and being able to compare prices from hundreds of available suppliers, without having to struggle or break your head. The power of information is now in your hands, you just need to send a RFQ with all your needs and we'll do the rest.

Regardless of the number of brands, the number of items, or the order in which you list and send them, we take care of sending your RFQ to each of all the possible suppliers registered in our system for FREE. For example, if your request contains items from 10 different brands, and considering that we have 10 possible suppliers for each brand, this means that we will be sending your request to a 100 different suppliers to get as many quotes as possible in order for you to have enough information to make the best purchase decision.

By using our site, you don’t need anything else, we take care of the hard work for you. By submitting your request for quotation to us, is as if you were sending it to thousands of potential suppliers around the world at the same time, saving you ALL the time it would take you to do so separately (considering that you obviously had a worldwide supplier directory as we do) or even better, ALL the time it would take you to find on the internet this information by yourself.

Additionally (and also for FREE), we will collect all the information as it comes from the different suppliers, and once they have all arrived we will send them to you in a very practical way (something like a comparative table) in order for you to be able to sort it according to various criteria: unit price (from lowest to highest), lead time, availability and so on, according to your own criteria and needs.

Finally (and also for FREE), we let you choose who to buy the merchandise from and help you send the purchase orders to all the suppliers you have selected, sending them all the information needed for them to invoice and ship the items. Is there anything easier than that?

If we consider that time is money, then with by saving you time, we are already saving you money. However, even if you do not see it this way, when you contact each supplier on your own, they may offer a fixed price depending on the number of items you require, and usually the price will be referenced only to local competitors.

When you request your quotes through ideal-marketplace instead, ALL participating suppliers know that they are competing with other businesses from all around the world, so they offer the best possible price in order to win the sale. Besides, due to the volume of sales that they get from us, most of them have agreed to consider special prices to our customers, which allows us to say that you will most likely get the best prices by working with us.

Additionally, we have listed more than 1 million cross-references in order for customers to be able to compare prices not only for a specific product with multiple suppliers, but also against similar products from other brands, to save even more money.

Unlike other marketplaces such as Ebay or Amazon, we have our own database and therefore we do NOT depend on what sellers list, which means that products are permanently listed and can always be found and purchased. Customers can buy any product, from any brand, in any quantity and as often as they need it, such as with blanket orders.

Those companies have usually worked well for the C2C market segment (people trying to Buy or sell old surplus inventory or used items), but they definitely DO NOT work well for the B2C/B2B market segments (formal and well established enterprises). Can you imagine companies like General Motors or Toyota for example, buying the spares their plant needs on Ebay? Because we don't!... NO serious company would buy their needs there, because they simply cannot depend on “luck” to find whatever they need, and they can definitely NOT buy “second-hand” products.

Our service also works a lot better than the Yellow Pages or even search engines such as Google itself, since in any case you have to SEARCH for suppliers and contact them ONE by ONE on your own, to send each your RFQ.

Altough we have the Hugest Selection of products available, the sky's the limit with our ground-breaking GPS (Global Product Search). We crawl major e-commerce sites, traversing hundreds of thousands of products every day. If you need it, we can probably get it for you.

There is NO single company around the world that can offer you everything you need at the best price, they simply can´t. Even giant companies like Wal-Mart, can only supply certain items at a good price, but they are more expensive than other companies in the rest of products. There are many other companies like Target, Home-Depot, Lowe´s, Bestbuy or any other Big box retailer that you may know of, that have better prices on many other items, otherwise competition would simply NOT exist. That is why yo need us: We can help you find the BEST supplier among thousands, for every item you need, and help you save money.

Our database has more than 20,000 different suppliers from all around the world, that would be happy to quote anything you need, in order for you to compare prices and make better purchases.

With our reputation system (applicable to both customers and suppliers), users keep a record of each transaction made through our website. This reputation reflects the honesty or reliability that each one has when they do business, so you know in advance what you can expect in case you can to close the deal with any of them. Remember that not the yellow pages nor Google will WARN you about the formality or seriousness of suppliers announced there.

We search, you save...

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